Nirman Valedictory


On this day i have another two events to perform.One was plan o cad in which i have to make a plan of a residential room according to FSI code and building bylaws. And other one was dragon ball in which I am a coordinateor of an event.In th8s event we were given ping pong balls and in between two teams there were three tables and in middle table , glasses were put.and we have to throw balls in that glasses.

After this there was a valedictory function.

Reading room was well decorated by decoration committee.

Our respected faculties gave thank you speech and appreciation to whole team.our hod also gave speech and student shared their experience.

Winner of all the event were appreciated by medals and certificate.


Nirman 2K17


Nirman was held at national level called kshitij .It had non technical and technical events.I took part in plan -o cad , xoisland , pipe pontoon , Dragon ball 

In morNing we attended x o island in which we were given one traffic problem on particular region and told to solve it.

Another one on that day was pipe pontoon in which we have to make bridge span from straws and pins , limitations was span length has to 40 cm.It was fun and new experience for us.

After that i had my dance practice for rise and up competition which was held on 15th September.

Product Development Canvas 


This was the last part of our de work. In which we were going to use the ideation sheet we made last week. We went to college and mam told us about this sheet. Sir explained how to make the sheet and explained its components. We decided to make the PDC on organic waste which can be turned in soil by just minimal work. The ideation sheet took 2 hours to complete cause many thinking processes were done during that period of time.

Navratri 2K17 SCET


Finally the most awaited day has came we all were so excited for this year scet navratri because DJ ricky was invited and live Orchestra was also there.

About 7:30 we reached to the college and joined the garba and dodhiya in between this we heard that our college won the zonal level of youthfest and wpn the tittle of CHAMPIONS and won the CHAMPIONS TROPHY. 

So enthusiasm was added in the navratri night .all were well dressed and with full enjoyment , grace , and happily dancing there.

After we went to sargam shopping centre and drunk Oreo shake and then reached home by 11:30.